Now you'll be able to tell Siri 'send a WeCha

"I don't see anything Google can do that Apple cannot, and they're doing it with the highest levels of privacy, which is unique. This will mean that iPhone users navigating with Power Strips Suppliers Apple Maps can, for example, make a restaurant reservation using a third-party service such as Open Table, said Apple vice president Eddy Cue. Federighi said Apple Pay would be expanded "in the coming months" to more markets including France, Hong Kong and Switzerland.The new feature will debut on the iOS10 operating system expected later this year."Opening up Siri will make an enormous effect on the experience," Moorhead said.Apple also announced it was bringing Siri to its Mac computer system, allower users of the PCs to search their machines or the Internet with voice commands.

The moves expand the footprint for Siri, which is facing increased competition from Microsoft's Cortana, Amazon's Alexa and Google Now, which also use artificial intelligence.Also opening to outside developers will be the Apple Maps application, which had a rocky debut marked by glitches in 2012, and the iMessage platform. Apple added the Sling TV service, which includes a low-cost bundle of live channels as an alternative to cable or satellite.. It's apparent Apple has been working on this for a long time and in many ways, appears ahead of where Google is with their developers on an intelligent agent.For the Apple TV platform, the company said it now has some 1,300 video channels and 6,000 apps, and unveiled an upgraded voice search capability through Siri.Federighi said Siri will also work with apps such as Slack, WhatsApp, Uber and Lyft.By opening up its messaging platform, Apple will also developers to create anything from silly "stickers" to payment programs within iMessage, ramping up competition against Facebook Messenger." Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy ag-reed that Apple appears to flexing its deep learning muscles.The announcement at the kickoff of Apple's annual developer conference in San Francisco marks a new approach for Apple, which has largely kept its leading services self-contained on the iOS mobile operating system."Dawson said the changes to Siri "should make it substantially more useful and effective as an assistant, and keep it competitive with alternatives from Google, Amazon and others.

"Now you'll be able to tell Siri 'send a WeChat,'" said Apple vice president Craig Federighi, referring to the Chinese messaging application.Apple said Monday it was opening up its Siri digital assistant to outside applications, stepping up its artificial intelligence efforts to compete against rival services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft."In some ways, the star of the show wasn't a particular product but Apple's refutation of accusations that it can't compete with Google and Facebook in artificial intelligence and deep learning," said Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research in a blog post.Apple’s AI pushThe announcements come with Apple aiming to move deeper into services amid slowing sales of its profit-leading iPhone, and a weak tablet market that has hurt sales of its iPad."Separately, Apple said it was expanding its Apple Pay system to the Web, allowing merchants to handle transactions which can be authenticated on a user's iPhone or Apple Watch."Apple has been accused of being behind in this area, and also of being handicapped by its privacy stance, but its on-stage demos today showed that it's capable of competing effectively regardless.The new feature will enable iPhone users to connect with non-Apple services to send messages, make payments and search photos

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The inside of the mountain is a splendid sight

One piece of advice I would like to give is that since it’s really warm during summer in Vietnam — stay hydrated. I tried the Goi Cuon (spring rolls), Banh Mi (sandwich), Nom Hua Chuoi (banana flower salad) — the vibrant flavors were delicious. I can vouch that Vietnam would provide you with a comfortable travel experience as people here are simple, they love to smile and are genuinely very good with foreign visitors. Ha Long Park, Fishermen’s House and cable cars that lead to the Sun Wheel are must-visit places there. On the first day, I decided to visit the mountains!During the tourMy first stop was the Marble Mountains — a cluster of small mountains. So you can plan your trip keeping this in mind. It is home to thousands of islands and is considered the eighth wonder of the World! The best way to explore is via cruise/boat.After Danang, I was also impressed with Ha Long Bay, which is a four-hour drive from the city of Hanoi. The road to this spot is usually deserted, and the view is fantastic. South Vietnam is usually warm during October, November and central Vietnam gets cooler November to February. Apart from these places, the beaches are also really, really beautiful.For my stay, I chose a place close to the sea. It is approximately 800 kms away from Ho Chi Minh and the best mode of transport for this would be by flight.

To tell you more about it, Danang is a coastal city in central Vietnam and is best known for its sandy beaches. And since rain is uncertain, be prepared for showers too!. There are two ways to reach the top — you either take an elevator and reach there within seconds, or walk inside the mountain and take your time exploring the beauty within — I obviously chose the latter option.Komal AgarwalWhen I was browsing for places to visit in Vietnam, I found the beautiful city of Danang which boasts of a dream combination of mountains, sea and city life all together. The view in the evening when the dragon is all lit up is just divine.

It took me around 20 to 30 minutes to reach the top and the view was breathtaking!Next was Son Tra mountain, which is popularly known as the Monkey Mountains. It is also called the Chess Board Peak. Legend has it that Son Tra Peninsula is a place where two gods played chess, in which one of them got distracted by nymphs and was defeated by his rival! He got mad, kicked the chessboard into the sea and flew back to heaven!Dragon Bridge (Representative Image)Apart from the mountains, one of the major attraction spots in this city is Dragon Bridge — this literally serves as a bridge to connect the beach and the city. Now, let me tell you about my expeditions in the city. The inside of the mountain is a splendid sight as it has stunning marble carvings and statues of Buddha, lions and other animals. This mountain is a natural reserve for more than 100 species of fauna. The view from the balcony was beautiful; from one side, you get to see the never-ending sea and on the other side, you get to see the vibrant city life.I also got a chance to explore the local cuisine and I must tell you that Vietnamese food is distinct and relies heavily on salty, sour flavours.5 kms long mountain pass and stands 639 meters above sea level. I heard that the place has a spiritual significance to the Vietnamese and China Power Strips is very busy on weekends and during Buddhist festivals. It is a 13

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Also, Sebis proactive approach to the market has calmed

"Besides, over a dozen firms, including New India Assurance Company, Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management and HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company, have lined up their IPOs to raise funds totalling Rs 35,000 crore in coming months," Dinesh Rohira, founder and CEO at 5nance."He added: "Time is also ripe for institutional investors like private equity to exit at a good price as prevailing valuations in secondary markets are high.Adding to the depth of the IPO market, companies from diverse sectors like insurance, healthcare, education, bank, cable TV and shipping have made their way to the IPO space during the period under review.Making a similar point, Bajaj Capital CEO Rahul Parikh said: "The underlying bullish sentiment in the markets and consequent high demand from domestic investors means that companies can get a good price for their issues."Market watchdog Sebi has taken numerous steps that have encouraged companies to sell shares.Moreover.

IPOs like Avenue Supermarts -- which runs retail chain D-mart -- and CDSL clocking more than 200 per cent returns since listing have bolstered investors faith to clock handsome gains. One key enabler is making Asba (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) mandatory for all investors, including retail.New Delhi: Indian companies raised a record close to Rs 27,000 crore through initial public offerings in the first half of the current fiscal and an impressive pipeline is already in place for coming months.Prior to that, companies had raised a record Rs 21,244 crore from initial public offers (IPOs) in the first half of 2007-08.com, said.

The IPO chart in the first half of the current fiscal was led by SBI Life Insurance (Rs 8,400 crore), followed by ICICI Lombard General Insurance (5,700 crore), AU Small Finance Bank (Rs 1,912 crore), Eris Lifesciences (Rs 1,741 crore), Cochin Shipyard (Rs 1,468 crore) and Housing and Urban Development Corporation (Rs 1,224 crore).Also, Sebis proactive approach to the market has calmed investors nerves on frauds."One of the big reasons why we extension cords Manufacturers are seeing so many IPOs hitting stock markets is the uplift in investor sentiment, which is also reflected in the returns that the Nifty gave in the first half of the year," Rohira added. Also, there is a need to deleverage balancesheets. By taking the IPO route, the companies achieve benefits of listing as well as enhance their brand name and provide liquidity to the existing shareholders.. Proceeds of the IPO were used to fund business expansion plans, pay debt, meet working capital requirements and for other general corporate purposes.According to the latest data compiled from stock exchanges, 19 companies garnered over Rs 26,720 crore through their respective IPOs in April-September of the ongoing financial year, much higher than Rs 16,535 crore raised by 15 firms in the year-ago period."Further, Sebis proactive regulations and (Narendra) Modi-led governments pro-business policies have helped both companies and investors shrug off fears and lap up opportunities to become part of the India growth story," he noted

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In addition, the connectors and charging jack on Huawe

""With each of our products, we strive not only to deliver the features and performance that consumers are looking for – but to go beyond where our competitors are in terms of experience," said Bruce Li, Vice President of Handset Business at Huawei Consumer Business Group. In the drive for continued innovation, we must always keep consumer safety at the forefront.5V/5A low-voltage charging solution. Submitting itself to the stringent oversight of TÜV Rheinland demonstrates Huawei’s continued mission to deliver the most innovative features on the market, and highlights Huawei’s commitment to delivering not only faster charging but more importantly safer charging.

"With the growing demand for fast charging solutions, we’re glad to work with Huawei to certify its SuperCharge technology using our proven testing methods and battery expertise. Testing encompasses every component, requiring adapters, IC circuits and charging cable materials to pass safety, low temperature and thermal shock tests.

In addition, the connectors and charging jack on Huawei’s devices are programmed to automatically suspend the supply of electricity if they come into contact with water.. "By working with the storied experts at TÜV Rheinland, we’re able to deliver a device that not only offers incredibly fast charging but does so with a safety assurance that our competitors cannot match. To keep Huawei’s fast-charging phones cool, Huawei SuperCharge uses a 4. This intelligent safeguard is in place to prevent short circuits and device fires."Over the past 145 years, TÜV Rheinland has committed itself to ensuring that complex devices and products meet rigorous safety standards that meet consumer expectations," said Kalyan Varma, VP of Business Field Euro plugs Electrical, Products, Global of TÜV Rheinland.Huawei Consumer Business Group today announced its cooperation with TÜV Rheinland to certifyHuawei’s SuperCharge technology."HUAWEI’s SuperCharge technology enables continuous "communication" between the device and the charger. By monitoring every single point of the charging cycle, it is able to intelligently auto-adjust voltage and current output to maximize charging speed based on the capacity of the phone, adapter and cable. Certification will mark the first time an end-to-end fast-charging technology has successfully completed the rigorous tests set forth by the world-renowned safety experts

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